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This template is used to create an infobox with details about a lock manufacturer.

An example template and wiki code:

{{Lock manufacturer
| Name         = Lockwiki Locks, Ltd.
| Headquarters = Los Angeles, CA (USA)
| Founded      = 2008
| Founder      = [[User:Raccoon|Raccoon]], [[User:Datagram|Datagram]]
Lockwiki Locks, Ltd.
Name Lockwiki Locks, Ltd.
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Founded November 2008
Founder(s) Raccoon, Datagram

Name is the only required parameter.


The name of the company.
The logo of the company. Please remember to properly tag all uploaded logos (most of which are registered trademarks) with {{Non-free logo|regtrademark=yes}}.
The company's primary headquarters. If it is an international company, list their original or primary headquarters. For example, Mul-T-Lock's headquarters is in Tel Aviv, not any of their US locations.
The year (and possibly month) the company was founded. This may vary from the time when the company became officially known as what they are now.
The founder(s) of the company. In the case of a large number of founders, such as in Medeco's case, list: Varied; see "History".
A list of links to general types of products the company offers. Most companies will use "[[Padlock]]s, [[Cylinder|Lock cylinders]]". Add other types as necessary. Do not specify the type of locks they make; this can get out of hand quickly.