STUV Ivox 4.19.97

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STUV Ivox 4.19.97

STUV Ivox 4.19.97
Name STUV Ivox 4.19.97
Manufacturer STUV
Lock Type Safe lock
Lock Design Lever
# of Components 8
Component Type Lever

Principles of operation

The STUV Ivox is a lever lock with plastic curtain containing eight levers. There is no control lever. Each lever has six heights. The curtain throws the bolt and opens the lock.



  • Decoding

The first known decoding process and tool for this high security lock was designed and developed by a company called Technical Entry in 2021. The principle is relatively simple. Levers are set into a know position and can be tested. Positive gate locking leads to good feedback and easy determination of true gates. With an improved pin and cam style technique all lever height positions can be tested per lever with one tool insertion. Lock decoding times can be under 10 minutes (7 minutes was recorded).

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