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Oliver Diederichsen

Oliver Diederichsen

Oliver Diederichsen is the author of Stasi Secret Service Tools and Impressionstechnik (English: Impressioning). Diederichsen has won the German championship in key impressioning four times, earning him the title "Meister" in the European locksport community. He is a professional 'safe cracker' based in Hamburg, Germany.[1]


   • German Champion – Impressioning 2019 : Opened 4 cylinders in 1120 seconds.  Location: c-base in Berlin, Germany.  May 30, 2019. [2]
   • German Champion – Impressioning 2016 : Opened 4 cylinders in 1119 seconds.  Location: Wendt Expo in Bergheim, Germany.  April 16, 2016. [3]
   • German Champion – Impressioning 2009
   • German Champion – Impressioning 2005


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