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Lockwiki:Protection Policy

Protected pages are pages that have restrictions on editing or moving. Protections are applied and removed by administrators. Several types of restrictions can be used on Lockwiki:

  • Full protection prevents editing by everyone except administrators. Fully protected media files cannot be overwritten by new uploads.
  • Semi-protection prevents editing by unregistered contributions and contributors with accounts which are not autoconfirmed.
  • Creation protection prevents a previously deleted page from being recreated.
  • Move protection protects the page solely from moves.

Any type of protection or unprotection may be requested at Lockwiki talk:Protection policy. Changes to a protected page should be proposed on the corresponding talk page, and carried out if they are uncontroversial or if there is consensus for them. A log of protections and unprotections is available at Special:Log/protect.

Except in the case of official Lockwiki policies and high-profile pages, administrators may unprotect a page if the reason for its protection no longer applies, a reasonable period has elapsed, and there is no consensus that continued protection is necessary. Contacting the administrator who originally protected the page is advised in unclear circumstances.

Why protect?

Protection happens for a variety of reasons, all of which are intended to promote the well being of the site, editors, and users.

  • To protect a high-profile or high-traffic page (such as the Main Page).
  • To preserve Lockwiki's policies or legal pages, such as Lockwiki:General disclaimer.
  • To prevent vandalism or spam on a particular page.
  • To prevent edit or move wars between editors.

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