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A gallery is a collection of items on a particular Lockwiki page. Galleries are commonly used to group images on specific locks to display their variations, design traits, and other information. A gallery should be included on every lock-specific page if there are enough images to populate the gallery and they are unique enough to warrant use. For more information on using images, see Help:Images.

Making a gallery

<gallery caption="Sample gallery" widths="180px" heights="120px" perrow="3">
File:Image.png|Caption text.

The basic syntax is:

File:ASSA_Twin_V10_cylinder.jpg|This image has a caption
File:ASSA_Twin_V10_cylinder.jpg|This caption has a link to the [[Main Page]].

Which produces:


  • Gallery images are separated by new lines.
  • Captions are optional, and may contain wikitext.

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