Abloy Novel

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Abloy Novel

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Abloy Novel
Abloy Novel lock-autom8on.jpg
Name Abloy Novel
Manufacturer Abloy
Lock Type Cylinder
Lock Design Disc-detainer, Sidebar
Patent Expires 2027.
# of Components 11
Component Type Disc-detainer
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Abloy Novel is a BS EN 1303:2005 rated disc-detainer lock. Novel cylinders use 11 or 9 discs that interface with a sidebar, 2 return bars, and a disc controller. The cylinder can rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise. Novel is very similar to Abloy Protec, but the discs lack the bottom notches used in the “Disc Blocking System” (DBS) in Protec.

Principles of operation

The Novel works by using angled bitting cuts on the key to properly rotate discs. The key is inserted and rotated 90°; the angled cuts on the key then rotate the discs in the lock. If all the discs are rotated to the correct position the sidebar can fall into the discs and the plug can be rotated. Washers are placed between discs to ensure that the key rotates each disc individually. Novel uses the Abloy “Anti Wear System” (AWS), with an anti-wear disc behind the rear zero-disc.


  • Novel padlocks do not use the Disc Controller system but instead use a Disc Steering System (DSS).

Disassembly instructions

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The design of the Novel enables it to resist a variety of common attacks. In theory, the Novel is vulnerable to the following:

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