ABUS 160

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ABUS 160

ABUS 160
Abus-160 40.jpg
Name ABUS 160
Manufacturer ABUS
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Combination

The 160 is a combination padlock made by ABUS. It features a resettable 3 or 4-digit code, with each wheel controlling a different digit of the combination. In a three digit 160, there are 1,000 (103) theoretical combinations. The ABUS 160 is primarily used in low to medium security applications where convenience is a priority.

Principles of Operation

The shackle can only be opened when the correct code is dialed and this is required in order to reset the code. With the correct code dialed in the user pulls out the shackle, turns the key on the right-hand side of the lock 90 degrees clockwise and sets the new code on the dials. The new code is in effect once the key is turned back to the vertical position.


The lock housing is made from a top and bottom part joined together via four rivets visible on the back of the lock.

Model listing

  • 160/40 - 40 mm shackle, 3 digit code, ABUS security classification 5
  • 160/50 - 50 mm shackle, 4 digit code, ABUS security classification 6
  • 160/50 HB 50 - 50 mm shackle (extended length), 4 digit code, ABUS security classification 5


The 160 is vulnerable to the following attacks:

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