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Note: The shackle must first be released via a key or other method of entry to non-destructively disassemble Abloy padlocks.

  1. Unlock the lock and release the shackle.
  2. With an allen wrench, unscrew the cylinder retaining screw (Hole on the side, near the bottom. Releasing the shackle clears this area.)
  3. Lock the shackle and remove the key.
  4. With the bow end of the key, unscrew and remove the cylinder faceplate.
  5. Remove the plug and sidebar. Holding the disc stack with a key is recommended.

Cam locks

  1. Remove the cam.
  2. With a flathead screwdriver, remove the C-clip by lightly tapping counter clockwise.
  3. Remove the plug and sidebar from the back of the cylinder.