Pacific Lock 100G

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Pacific Lock 100G

Pacific Lock 100G
PACLOCK 100G (1).jpg
Name Pacific Lock 100G
Manufacturer PACLOCK
Lock Type Padlock, Cylinder
Lock Design Pin-tumbler

The 100G are a medium duty pin-tumbler padlock made by PACLOCK. These padlocks are laminated steel and used mainly in US Military applications. The cylinders contain serrated and spool drivers, offering some resistance to lockpicking. These locks are key-retaining.

Lock Options

The 100G has an optional chain.


The 100G utilizes ball-bearings to prevent shimming, as well as a mix of standard, serrated, and spool driver pins.

Disassembly instructions

The 100G cannot be disassembled non-destructively.

Once the rivets are ground off, like with other standard laminated steel locks, the lock can be disassembled by removing each layer. Removing the first plate permits the core to be removed. In order to further disassemble, more plates must be removed, as the shackle is retained by a plate which keeps it from falling out once opened.


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