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Lockwood logo.jpg
Name Lockwood
Headquarters Australia
Founded 1934
Founder(s) John Stanley Ogden
Padlocks, Lock cylinders, Electronic locks,

Lockwood is an Australian lock manufacturer that produces low and medium security padlocks, lock cylinders, and electronic locks.


In 1999 ASSA-Abloy purchased a 50% share in Lockwood and assumed full ownership of the company in 2001.

In the United States, Lockwood Lock Co. was founded in 1888 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.[1] ​The company was purchased by Independent Lock Co. (ILCO) in 1975, and sold to Lloyd Matherson in 1983.

Lock listing

Security and Picking

Very few (if any) unmodified Lockwood locks use Security pin's, and all Lockwood padlock plugs rotate in the same direction (Clockwise), making them relatively low security.

However some Lockwood padlocks, such as the Lockwood 234/45 features an Interchangeable Core, which can increase security, however these cores can be removed when the lock is open by simply using a screwdriver, rather than an interchange key / control key. This means that with access to an open padlock a key can be made to fit the lock through decoding.


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