Lock Museum of America, Inc.

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Lock Museum of America, Inc


Lock Museum of America

The Lock Museum of America is in Terryville, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Located at 230 Main Street (Rt. 6), near the former headquarters of the Eagle Lock Company, their collection contains a variety of locks that includes bank locks, door locks, padlocks, and handcuffs. They have the patent model for the first Yale mortise cylinder pin tumbler lock on display. The museum hosts The Lock Museum Adventure, an “escape room” game involving puzzles, riddles, and collaborative problem solving. The annual Antique Lock Collectors Show takes place during Columbus Day Weekend, and is free and open to the public.

Paid Admission.


  • The Eagle Lock Room
  • The Bank Lock Room
  • The Corbin-Russwin Room
  • The Yale Room
  • The Antique Lock Room
  • Handcuffs and leg irons

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