Commercial Locksmiths

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Commercial Locksmiths

Commercial locksmiths are locksmithing companies that deal primarily with business and enterprise customers. In some cases, they do not even have a residential or automotive locksmithing function. Commercial locksmiths focus on providing service to institutions that have master keying and access control needs. Commercial locksmiths, particularly in countries with health and safety legislation that is stringent, will be focused on providing services and meeting the regulatory requirements of the enterprise customer. Commercial locksmiths will also typically hold insurance policies that serve to safeguard commercial customers in the event there is faulty work that is performed.

International differences

In North America and the United Kingdom, commercial locksmiths are differentiated from other categories of locksmiths. Locksmiths choose to specialise in commercial, automotive, or residential Locksmithing, but seldom all three. This occurred with the advent of the Internet and the removal of barriers to entry for small locksmithing companies, who tend to target smaller scale jobs — typically residential homes. In the case of Australasia, however, there is a larger region of overlap between the different locksmithing roles; many have knowledge in all three areas. However, there is also a growing trend in Australasia towards specialization of individual locksmiths.

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