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I think we should remove the 'examples of' portion, because this is a category page, not an article. I put this page here until we have a dedicated S.E. page, so just the definition is fine; once articles get added they will show below and people can find their own examples. Alternatively, we can have a short list on a main S.E. page, should one be created, similar to how general lockpicking/destructive entry techniques are mentioned on their respective pages.
I'd also like to modify the definition to remove "or otherwise" because this is a bit all encompassing, and if something was stolen it technically is in defiance of "or otherwise." The main idea is that surreptitious is a step up from covert because it cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it was actually used, unless tools/etc can be linked to someone. It doesn't necessarily mean that there is no evidence, just that it would not be discernable to a qualified investigator.
-dg, 01.12.09