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Bramah logo.jpg
Name Bramah
Headquarters London (England)
Founded 1784
Founder(s) Joseph Bramah
Padlocks, Lock cylinders, Safes

Bramah is an English lock manufacturer that produces medium and high security padlocks, lock cylinders, and safes. They are well known for their pump/slider locks and were one of the lock manufacturers involved in the contraversy with Alfred Charles Hobbs during The Great Exhibition of 1851.

Bramah has the distinction of being one of the oldest lock manufacturers still in existence.


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Joseph Bramah established Bramah Locks and began making locks in 1784.[1] He patented a variety of designs, but is best known for designing a variety of pump/slider type locks, many of which are still embodied in modern Bramah designs. Bramah is the oldest lock manufacturer in London.

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