ASSA 7241

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ASSA 7241

ASSA 7241
Assa ruko-7241.jpg
Name ASSA 7241
Manufacturer ASSA
Lock Type Mortise
Lock Design Lever
# of Components 7
Component Type Lever

The 7241 is a lever lock made by ASSA. It features seven levers and a rotating curtain.

Principles of operation

The lock features seven spring-loaded levers which must be slid to the correct position to allow the probe to enter the gates on each lever. The levers are serrated in order to cause false sets and the keyway is closed off by a rotating curtain to prevent manipulation and decoding. The probe is not connected directly to the bolt but rather to a separate lever which blocks the bolt from moving unless it can enter the gates. The fence lever and bolt is connected mechanically to the curtain and their movement is powered by the key-turning action. This key mechanism derives ultimately from Strutt's lever lock of 1819 — the first to use end-gated levers.


The 7241 may be vulnerable to the following attacks:

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