Destructive entry

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Destructive Entry

Destructive entry is a method of entry characterized by damage to or destruction of a lock, safe, or surrounding objects, such as a door or wall. It is the primary method of entry in the majority of criminal cases involving the compromise of physical security, and is commonly employed by law enforcement personnel for rapid entry to a residence or facility. Locksmiths make use of destructive entry to compromise, service, and remove high-security locks and safes.

Destructive entry is contrasted with various forms of covert and surreptitious entry because of the large amount of visible and discernable forensic evidence created. In addition, many destructive techniques leave the lock or safe non-functional or otherwise impaired.

Methods of Destructive Entry

Destructive entry can take many forms, some of which are extremely dangerous to both the user, others in the vicinity, and, when applicable, forensic investigators and law enforcement personnel.

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