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Name Yardeni
Headquarters Misgav, Israel
Founded 1947
Founder(s) Yardeni Shimon Emanuel
Lock cylinders

Yardeni is an Israeli lock manufacturer that produces high and medium security lock cylinders.


In 1947, Yardeni Shimon Emanuel founded the company Emanuel Yardeni Holdings Ltd., located in a workshop in Tel Aviv. The company was moved to Bnei Brak and finally to the Barkan industrial area. It was purchased by Astron Ltd. in 2005.

Lock Listing

Dimple locks

  • Yardeni 6
  • Yardeni 10
  • Yardeni XL
  • Yardeni Super XL

Traditional pin-tumbler locks

  • Yardeni Penta
  • Yardeni Sexta

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