Lockwood 110 series

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Lockwood 110 series

Lockwood 110/40
Lockwood 110-40.jpg
Name Lockwood 110/40
Manufacturer Lockwood
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler

Lockwood's 110 series is a consumer-grade series of small brass-bodied pin-tumbler padlocks. They are marketed towards lower security applications, such as mailboxes and school lockers.


These locks are assembled in the factory, and cannot be disassembled non-destructively or custom pinned by locksmiths. They have a hardened shackle secured with spring-loaded locking lugs, which is vulnerable to shimming attacks. The 110/20 and 110/25 use only one locking lug, on the open side of the shackle.


The 110/20 and 110/25 contain standard pins only.

The 110/30 and above contain a mix of spool and standard pins. These pins are different to the spools used in Lockwood's commercial rekeyable range, which are commonly referred to as Lockwood shallow spools.


Model Dimensions (mm) Shackle diameter (mm) Shackle opening (mm) Weight (g) Pin count Spools Dual locking lugs
110/20 19.2/20/10.7 3.15 11 ? 3 No No
110/25 25/24.1/11.5 4 15 ? 4 No No
110/30 29.8/27.3/12.5 4.75 19 ? 4 Yes Yes
110/35 ? ? 21 ? ? ? Yes
110/40 39.6/32.5/14.2 6.35 23 ? 5 Yes Yes
110/50 ? ? ? ? ? ? Yes


The 110/50 appears to have been discontinued, or may not be available via public retail channels.


The 110 series of padlocks is vulnerable to the following:

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