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Lockwiki uses many images, diagrams, and illustrations to help people understand locks, safes, and related technologies. Pictures on lock-specific pages are used to identify the lock and its components while demonstrating how the locking mechanism(s) work. This page details the procedures for viewing, browsing, searching, and uploading images on Lockwiki.

Before uploading images on Lockwiki make sure you understand the image use policy.

Viewing images

Images are typically included on articles to illustrate key concepts or identify components of a lock or keying system. Most images can be clicked to take you to the Image page which has more details on the image, including the source, author, and any associated copyright information.

Browsing images

A list of all images uploaded to Lockwiki can be found at Special:ListFiles. You can use Special:Search to look for images in the "File" namespace (Image only search link). You can also look at the upload log and the gallery of new files.

Uploading images

Logged in users can upload files via the Special:Upload page (located in the toolbox on the left, under the navigation bar). Just pick the image on your local system, the destination filename, and add a summary of the image (see below). Before uploading any third party images you must check the copyright status of the image and determine which image copyright tag is appropriate. It is greatly preferred that free license images be used on Lockwiki. In order to promote re-use of images from Lockwiki, images with licensing that restricts commerical use or derivate works are not allowed on Lockwiki. When uploading an image, please choose from the list of copyright status options under the "Licensing" drop down menu.

Image summary

When you upload an image to Lockwiki you are prompted for a summary of the image. This text is placed on the image description page and is used to identify the source, author, and copyright status of an image.

Here is an example Summary that you can copy and paste (modify as necessary):

|Description = What is this an image of?
|Source = self-made or URL, if existent name of institution and such things as catalog numbers or similar
|Date = date image was created and/or released; to avoid misunderstandings with different date formats, spell out the month (e.g. created 2. Oct. 2099), use ISO 8601 notation (e.g. 2099-10-02), or for new self-made works, use ~~~~~ (5 tildes) to insert the current date
|Author = first and last name of the author (in case of self-made works additionally ~~~ ) and/or the name of the institution
|Permission = Short quote of the permission of the copyright owner (if too long shortened with link to long version).
|other_versions = Wiki link to other versions if they exist within Lockwiki (e.g. a black and white version of a color image)


For examples on how to upload images and use this template look at the following images:

What license should I use for my images?

The choice of license for your personal image uploads is up to you. Lockwiki recommends that you use a license that will provide the most freedom to users who want to re-use your images. Browse Lockwiki:Image copyright tags to find something that suits you. Lockwiki itself is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution/ShareAlike 3.0 license, this is a suitable license for most personal images that you want to be re-used. See Lockwiki:Copyrights for more information.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a license:

  • Do you want to be credited when the image is re-used?
An Attribution license requires attribution to the original author(s) (usually a link). For example, {{Attribution}}, {{cc-by-3.0}}.
  • Do you want the image to be distributed under the same license?
A "Share Alike" license requires that the image be relicensed using the original license during re-distribution. For example, {{cc-by-sa-3.0}}, {{GFDL}}

Image preferences

Logged in users can change their Special:Preferences page to display images at various sizes. Image settings are located in the "Files" section of the preferences page.

Image resources

Are you a Lockwiki contributor looking for sources of pictures that can be uploaded without much copyright hassle? The following is a list of sites that offer public domain or free licensed images. Make sure to carefully read the copyright terms and restrictions on any images from these sites before uploading them to Lockwiki. Also remember to properly tag, source, and credit all images you use from these and other sources. See Lockwiki:Image policy and Lockwiki:Non free content for additional guidelines on using third party images (free or otherwise).

  • Google Books - Images used in books before 1923 are public domain in the United States.

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