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ABUS 72-40 - FXE47393.jpg
Name ABUS 72
Manufacturer ABUS
Lock Type Padlock
Lock Design Pin-tumbler
# of Components 5 (30mm), 6 (40mm)
Component Type Pin-tumbler

The 72 series are pin-tumbler padlocks made by ABUS. They are made with an anodized aluminum body and a removable core. They can be re-keyed, master keyed and grand master keyed. The locks are key-retaining. They are available in a 30mm and 40mm size and with an optional long shackle. What makes them truly stand out from the typical ABUS are the bright colors. ABUS promotes this lock in their industrial safety padlock line. The aluminum body and optional aluminum shackle make it spark proof and corrosion resistant.

Principles of Operation

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The 72/40 has 6 pins, weighs between 97 and 138 grams and has spring loaded ball bearings keeping the shackle closed.

The 72/30 has 5 pins, weighs between 55 and 69 grams and has spring loaded ball bearings keeping the shackle closed.

Model listing

Model Notes
72/40 26.5mm Shackle
72IB/40 Stainless Steel 26.5mm Shackle
72/40HB40 39mm shackle
72/40HB75 75mm shackle

Available Colors

Available Colors
Black Blue Green Orange Purple Red Yellow




The ABUS 72 series is vulnerable to the following attacks:

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