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== Lock Listing ==
== Lock Listing ==
* [[Weiser classic]]
* [[Kwikset Smart Key|Weiser Smart Key]]
* [[Kwikset Smart Key|Weiser Smart Key]]
* [[Kwikset Smart Code|Weiser Smart Code]]
* [[Kwikset Smart Code|Weiser Smart Code]]

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[edit] Weiser

Weiser logo.jpg
Name Weiser
Headquarters Towson, Maryland
Founded 1904
Lock cylinders, Electronic locks

Weiser is an American lock manufacturer that produces low security lock cylinders, electronic locks, and other lock and door related equipment. Weiser produces many of the same locks as Kwikset; both are owned by Black & Decker. Weiser markets many of these duplicate locks in Canada under the Weiser brand.


[edit] History

Weiser was founded in 1904 in South Gate, California.[1] Early products included custom designed locks and associated hardware.

In 1967, Norris Industries purchased Weiser. Norris Industries merged with Masco Building Products Corporation in 1985. In 2003, Weiser was purchased by Black & Decker. In 2007, Weiser introduced the Weiser Smart Key in Canada. Kwikset would use this design as the basis of their 2008 Smart Key lock marketed in the United States.

[edit] Lock Listing

[edit] References

  1. Weiser: Company History

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