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Kwikset logo.jpg
Name Kwikset
Headquarters Lake Forest, California (USA)
Founded 1946
Founder(s) Adolf Schoepe, Karl Rhinehart
Padlocks, Lock cylinders, Electronic locks

Kwikset is an American lock manufacturer that produces low security lock cylinders, electronic locks, and door hardware. Kwikset is one of the most well-known lock manufacturers in the United States, with a high market share in most residential areas.



Kwikset was founded in 1946 by Adolf Schoepe and Karl Rhinehart.[1] The original lock was a tubular design which was dubbed the "Kwikset" because it could be quickly installed and serviced. Since then, the company has become primarily associated with their pin-tumbler lock designs, though modern Kwikset designs include wafer and electronic locks.

In 1957 Kwikset became a subsidiary of American Hardware Corporation (AHC). In 1964, AHC merged with Emhart Manufacturing Corporation. In 1989 Emhart was purchased by the Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group. Black & Decker combined with Stanley in 2010 to become Stanley Black & Decker.[2]

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