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== History ==
== History ==

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Kryptonite logo.jpg
Name Kryptonite
Headquarters USA
Founded 1970s
Founder(s) Michael Zane
Padlocks, Lock cylinders

Kryptonite is an American lock manufacturer that produces low security padlocks and lock cylinders. Kyrptonite is best known for their various padlocks used specifically for securing bicycles, motorcylces, and sporting equipment, such as snowboards.



Kryptonite was founded in the 1970s by Michael Zane. At the time Zane was a student living out of his VW van, driving around the country promoting his new idea for a padlock specifically tailored for bicycle security.[1] In 2001, Kryptonite was purchased by Ingersoll Rand.

In 2004, Kryptonite's tubular padlocks were found to be vulnerable by a self-impressioning attack that allowed them to be quickly opened with such common items as a plastic pen casing. Kryptonite responded by replacing several hundred thousand locks worldwide with a newer disc-detainer model. This is one of the very few cases where a lock manufacturer has issue a recall and provided free replacements for a security vulnerability.

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