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Name FAB
Headquarters Czech Republic
Founded 1911
Founder(s) Alois Faborsky, Frantisek Seda
Padlocks, Lock cylinders, Electronic locks

FAB is a Czech lock manufacturer that produces low and medium security padlocks, lock cylinders, and electronic locks. It was founded in 1911, but they started manufacturing locks in 1934. It was so ubiquitous in the Czechoslovaka, that the term "fabka" became a synonym for a double euro cylinder. Locks are certified according to the CSN EN 1627:2012 into one of the four categories - RC1 being the low end, while RC4 offers the highest level of protection.



FAB was founded by Alois Faborsky and Frantisek Seda in 1911, under name "Tovarna na zelezne zbozi Faborsky a Seda, spolecnost s rucenim omezenym" (Iron goods factory Faborsky and Seda, Ltd.). They started manufacturing locks in 1934, which became ubiquitous in the former Czechoslovakia. When the communist party came to the power in 1948, the company was socialized; after the velvet revolution it was privatized again in 1992. In 1997 all its shares were bought by ASSA-Abloy. In 2020 the name was changed to ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions CZ s.r.o.[1]

Lock Listing

Lock Designations

The lock type has a suffix, that specifies the exact variant of the lock.

Designation Meaning
B Higher anti-drill protection
D Cam
K10/K12 Cog with 10/12 teeth
MK Small knob
Nb Shiny nickel surface
Nm Mate nickel surface
Ns Satin nickel surface
P Emergency function
RS Shoulder-less key, notched nose; used on FAB 100/200
RSG Evolution of RS, abandoned; used on FAB 200RSG only
V Two in one - construction keying
VK Big knob
Z Adjustable cam (angle)


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