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; Mortised
; Mortised
: A bolt that is installed within the door.
: A bolt that is installed within a [[door]].
; Secondary Bolt
; Secondary Bolt

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A standard residential deadbolt.

The bolt is a primary component of all locks and safes. Bolts are single or multiple hardened steel pieces, usually square, cylinder, or claw shaped. When activated, bolts are positioned within a recess to prevent something from moving or opening. Bolts may be referred to as latches, though latches have a slightly different design.

When used in a padlock, the bolt is referred to as a shackle.

Types of Bolts

Auxilliary Deadlock Latchbolt
An additional bolt that automatically locks the primary bolt against end pressure.
A lock in which the actuator acts as the locking bolt.
A locking bolt that has no spring action and is held in place by end pressure.
Flush Mounted
A bolt designed to be level with the surface of the door, rather than protruding from it.
A bolt that is installed within a door.
Secondary Bolt
A spring-loaded auxilliary locking mechanism attached to the main bolt. When the main bolt is extended the secondary bolt cannot be retracted. Designed to prevent various forms of bypass against the locking bolt.
A bolt used in a padlock. Often U shaped, though curved and straight shackles are also common.

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