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ASSA Twin V10 cylinder.jpg
ASSA Twin V-10

The Twin V-10 is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by ASSA. The V-10 is part of the Twin series of locks that use pin-tumblers and a sidebar to provide two layers of security. The V-10 is an updated version of the ASSA Twin 6000 cylinder.


Medeco Original cylinder.jpg
Medeco Original

The Original is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by Medeco. It is well known for the use of rotating bottom (key) pins that interface with a sidebar. The Original has the distinction of being the first pin-tumbler lock to use axial rotation, and is the basis for most other Medeco mechanical locks since.


Medeco M3 cylinder.jpg
Medeco M3

The M3 is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by Medeco. It is called the M3 because it is the third generation of Medeco's axial rotation system, following the Medeco Original and Medeco Biaxial designs.


Scorpion CX5 cylinder.jpg
Scorpion CX-5

The CX-5 is a UL 437 rated pin-tumbler lock made by Scorpion and distributed by Can-Am Door Hardware, Inc. It uses six pin-tumblers and five springless finger pins which interface with a sidebar.


Fichet 480 cylinder.jpg
Fichet 480

The 480 is a wafer lock made by Fichet. It uses ten wafers and two sidebars as locking components. While technically a normal wafer lock, the 480 uses an interesting design that improves security and longevity of both the key and lock.


Kwikset SmartKey cylinder silver.jpg
Kwikset Smart Key

The Smart Key is a user-rekeyable wafer lock made by Kwikset and Weiser (Canada). The Smart Key was Kwikset's response to the media frenzy concerning key bumping, specifically to address the weaknesses of their traditional pin-tumbler cylinders.


SG 8088 padlock.jpg
S&G 8088

The 8088 is a UL 768-rated combination lock made by Sargent & Greenleaf. The 8088 was developed in the 1950s for the United States government through one of Sargent & Greenleaf's government contracts.


Abloy Disklock cylinder.jpg
Abloy Disklock

The Disklock is a disc-detainer lock made by Abloy. The Disklock uses between 5 and 11 discs that interface with a sidebar. The Disklock is the first Abloy disc-detainer design that allows the key to be turned both directions; previous models only allowed clockwise rotation.


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