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Why are my contributions removed? I work at a manufacturer of high security locks and I contributed our lock firm to the manufacturers and our locks to the high security locks and next day they are removed again without any notice or explanation. Do I have to pay to be mentioned here or what is going on? Our locks are VdS class B, IMP, ECB-S EN1300 Class B and UL certified so don't tell me we don't belong in those groups.

A lot of companies use LockWiki to advertise their products or spam links to their website. If you want to add actual information to the website, such as creating a non-biased page for your company with accurate product listing, company history; uploading free-license, non-branded photos of your locks; or added or improving the quality of any other parts of Lockwiki that is acceptable. Please see the About page for clarification the goals of LockWiki. You'll see that "a vehicle for advertising" is NOT allowed. Adding your product line to the High Security listing is not acceptable; you'll notice that list is extremely short to begin with.

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